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8 GB Cassette shaped USB drive containing All of Rob P.’s albums released between 1994 and 2019, including the latest live concert album! With liner notes and background information on each album. Plus 2 Pachelbel videos! A remastered full-quality version of the Pachelbel Rant, and a video the original Pachelbel piece which was heard on Dr. Demento in 1998!

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A cassette tape shaped USB drive containing digital versions of every album Rob Paravonian released between 1994 and 2019! Six studio albums, the live concert album from 2019, and three live compilations that have been out of print for nearly a decade!

Albums included are:

• Don’t Crowd The Plow–Remastered (1995)
• American Cheese–Remastered (1998)
• Living it Down (2001)
• Songs From the Second Floor (2009)
• Keep Your Jazz Hand Strong (2013)
• A/B (2016)

The new live album Rob P. Rocks a Jazz Club (2019)

and three live compilations (track listings below video):

• Playing for Drunks (1997)
• Official Bootleg (2000)
• Live on Both Coasts (2002)

For each album there is a page of liner notes and background information in a full color pdf! The collection also includes two videos of the famous Pachelbel Rant: a remastered, full resolution version of the performance at Penn State that went viral on YouTube, and a video of the original Pachelbel piece from 1997, recorded at Catch a Rising Star in New York and heard on the Dr. Demento Radio Show.

Check out this video to see it in action!

Tracks on Playing for Drunks:

  1. I Bought Everything
  2. Cleaning the Cupboard (spoken)
  3. Wal-Mart
  4. Reunion Song
  5. 4th Amendment Intro (spoken)
  6. 4th Amendment
  7. AT&T
  8. X-Girlfriend
  9. I’m the Man
  10. The Pirate Song
  11. Mall of America
  12. Spring Break
  13. Militia Intro (spoken)
  14. Militia Hoe Down
  15. Ski Story (spoken)
  16. Kiana
  17. Don’t Believe

Tracks on Official Bootleg:

  1. Men’s Health Magazine
  2. Sugar Ray (musical bit)
  3. Closing Time (musical bit)
  4. I’ll Be (musical bit)
  5. One Week (musical bit)
  6. Unoriginal Intro (spoken)
  7. Unoriginal
  8. Puffy (musical bit)
  9. He’s Got Coke
  10. Incas (spoken)
  11. Brooklyn (spoken)
  12. Yuppie Camper intro (spoken)
  13. Yuppie Camper
  14. Rock Star Fantasy (spoken)
  15. Business Casual
  16. Too Much Information

Tracks on Live on Both Coasts:
tracks 1-13 live at Crooked Bar in Hollywood, solo acoustic
tracks 14-20 live at Luna Lounge in NYC with 4-piece band
track 21 live at Hallembeck’s General Store in North Hollywood, CA, solo acoustic

  1. HMO
  2. Star’s Partner
  3. Subway bit (spoken)
  4. Ozzy bit (spoken)
  5. Don’t Blow Up Your School
  6. Separate Checks
  7. Impressions (spoken)
  8. Minutes intro (spoken)
  9. Wasting My Minutes
  10. WB
  11. SuperHappy
  12. The Geek Never Gets the Girl
  13. Reality Virus
  14. Separate Checks
  15. He’s Got Coke
  16. The 4th Amendment
  17. Wasting My Minutes
  18. Tightie Whities
  19. Particle Board
  20. Power Ballad
  21. Pachelbel


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