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Rob P.’s Latest


New Single is Out!

It’s Heeeere! The first song from my non-comedy music album project is out! Start Over Again is now available on all the streaming...


The Odd Rock Comedy Hour Returns to Q.E.D.!!

The Odd Rock Comedy Hour is back! After a loooong hiatus—thank you Covid-19—my comedy music variety show will be returning LIVE to the...


A Project Full of “Real” Songs

There’s a weird and very annoying question people have asked me after shows. I’ll have just performed from 10-45 minutes—playing comedy songs of...


Cover Tuesday 1-Year Anniversary Telethon!

To commemorate a full year of using stoopit covers to cope with the pandemic I’m putting together a ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY TELETHON EXTRAVGANZA...


Cover Tuesday’s Greatest Hits Vol. 5!

The latest batch of greatest stoopit covers!

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