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New Solo Show Debuts April 13!

I'm very excited to announce that a brand new show filled with brand new songs

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“Let It Run” Behind The Song

As the basic tracks came together I knew it had to be the closing song on the album, it had a driving energy...

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“Here Comes The Money” Behind The Song

Here Comes the Money had a very interesting journey to becoming a song for The Green L.E.D.s debut.

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“I Ain’t Gonna Play That” Behind The Song

I Ain’t Gonna Play That is about trolls, and not the cute fun kind

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“I Can Feel It (Can You?)” Behind The Song

Not only is I Can Fell It (Can You?) the earliest official song by The Green L.E.D.s, it’s the song that launched the...

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“Start over Again” Behind the Song

With the working title of “Chicago Bar Chords,” Start over Again started taking shape early in the project

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