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Masters have been delivered!

The mixes have been mixed, the masters are mastered

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The 1-year Anny of The American Songbook: Redacted!

It’s been a full year since the release show/party for The American Songbook: Redacted studio album!


It’s time to DISCO!

This month’s Odd Rock Comedy Hour falls on my birthday so we’re having a disco party!


Tickets are LIVE for the Edmonton Fringe!

Ticket links are now LIVE for The American Songbook: Redacted at the Edmonton Fringe!


Shake it Down Tonight EP released!

The new EP from The Green L.E.D.s is out now! Featuring “Shake it Down Tonight” from the forthcoming album

Microphone with blue and light blue rays

New Song! “Were Those Really Days?”

The new opening number for The American Songbook: Redacted is now live on bandcamp!

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