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“It’s a Drop” Behind the Song

It’s a Drop started out with the inspiration of ska mixed with goth and somehow ended up someplace between a Falco or Tones...

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“Into the Groove” Behind the Song

but in the end covering Into the Groove à la Bauhaus or Echo and The Bunneymen was too interesting to resist.

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“Satellites” Behind the Song

Of all the songs on the new album Satellites is the most directly inspired by the pandemic and the ongoing global poop show...

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“Looks Like I’m Living Now” Behind the Song

Looks Like I’m Living Now is one of two songs written before 2021 and I wrote it back in 2017 with a female...

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Rob and his sister on SNL stage, 2017

“Show Me Something Else” Behind the Song

Show Me Something Else probably has the clearest early 80s influence of all the songs on the album with its jangly guitar layered...

Rob's Blog

“What’s in Store” Behind the song

I decided pretty early on that “What’s In Store” was going to be the opening track of the album. That peppy guitar riff...

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