American Cheese


Studio album on compact disc, packaged in a jewel box with 6-panel insert which includes the lyrics.Featuring the favorites He‘s Got Coke, SuperHappy, Ritalin, and the early version of Pachelbel.

Available for digital download at our Bandcamp site!

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Very limited quantities available of American Cheese, Rob Paravonian’s studio album released in 1998. It contains the first appearance of Rob’s Pachelbel piece, an audio version that appeared on the Dr. Demento Show and made the Funny 25 the following year.

This is the first album Rob produced and recorded on his own, and the DIY spirit permeates every track, from favorites like He’s Got Coke, which Rob later performed on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, to deeper cuts like the Reunion Song and Disco Nights. It also features SuperHappy, another song Rob performed on Comedy Central one year earlier.

Track listing:

  1. Men’s Health Magazine
  2. He’s Got Coke
  3. The Geek Never Gets the Girl
  4. Unoriginal
  5. Yuppie Camper
  6. Business Casual
  7. Jail Anthem
  8. Speech is Free
  9. Ritalin
  10. When You’re in L.A.
  11. SuperHappy
  12. Disco Nights
  13. Pachelbel
  14. Reunion Song
  15. Too Much Information
  16. Kiana

Released May 1998

Available for digital download at our Bandcamp site!


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