Keep Your Jazz Hand Strong

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A 17-song studio album on compact disc, released in 2013. Containing favorites such as Creepy, Creepy Love, Tech Support for Mom & Dad, One Word Answers, and more! Packaged in full-color digipak.

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Keep Your Jazz Hand Strong, Rob’s 5th studio album, was released in June of 2013 and was funded by a kickstarter campaign that reached its goal in just 4 days! The campaign exceeded its funding goal and Rob was able to use some of the extra money to pay the immensely talented Stephen Gardner, who painted the amazing cover.

Seriously, that’s our favorite cover of any of Rob’s CDs. Rob asked for “a poster for a film that’s a cross between James Bond and Superfly” and boy did he deliver!

What Rob delivered was 17 studio tracks of comedy music ranging from bluesy rock to ragtime to R&B, and even a 1970s-inspired title track for the Keep Your Jazz Hand film that never was! One fun note for those who own the physical CD: Rob arranged the song as “Side 1” and “Side 2” with a 3-song “Bacon Trilogy” wedged in between, but to anyone who bought the album digitally and couldn’t see the explanation on the packaging there was just an unannounced run of 3 songs in a row about bacon 😛

Not that you need a reason to have 3 songs in a row about bacon…

Guest artists are Victor Varnado, as guest rapper King Supernuts II on “Just Us 2”) and Ann Enzminger, vocals on “G Train,” “One Work Answers,” “Keep Your Jazz Hand Strong.”

  1. G Train
  2. Contrarian
  3. I’m Not Afraid of Zombies
  4. Creepy, Creepy Love
  5. Tech Support for Mom & Dad
  6. Dial Up Days
  7. Just Us 2 (feat. King Supernuts II)
  8. Gimme a Strip (Bacon Trilogy song 1)
  9. Applewood (Bacon Trilogy song 2)
  10. I Don’t Want to Be Your Turkey Bacon (Bacon Trilogy song 3)
  11. I Love Decoupage
  12. Just One Day (Wedding Workout)
  13. One World Answers
  14. I Poop Gold
  15. I Broke All Your Stuff
  16. On Our Side
  17. Keep Your Jazz Hand Strong

Released June 4, 2013


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