Thanks to an enthusiastic and broad-based response we were able to meet the kickstarter goal for my new CD in just 4 days! Thank you so much to everyone who participated by pledging and spreading the word. The success of the campaign ensures that my new studio CD, Keep Your Jazz Hand Strong, will be released on time!

The kickstarter campaign will continue through March 31st and it’s still the only place to get a hand-numbered and signed CD, as well as other exclusive extras like live MP3s, a live DVD, or a private skype concert for you and your friends. And all funds over the goal will go directly to making the CD better, with better quality packaging and art, and, hopefully enough extra to get two more songs mastered, resulting in more music for everyone!

Again, THANK YOU! I’m excited to share the new tunes and tracks with you. Look for the new album in May!