With exclusive live MP3s, DVDs and more, the kickstarter campaign for my new studio CD is a great way to get some good comedy music, while also helping to make even more comedy music happen!  There are a lot of fun rewards available, including custom songs, live DVDs, or even a private Skype concert for you and your friends. For as little as $5 you can get exclusive live MP3s, and everyone who contributes at least $15 can get a hand-numbered and signed copy of the CD.

To explain it all I even wrote and recorded a song about it:

The recording is going really well and I can’t wait for the album to come out in late April/early May. There are at least 14 tracks slated to be released, with perhaps a bonus track or two depending on  time, budget, and sunspots, so stay tuned. And I hope you’re inspired to join in on the kickstarter campaign, there’s a lot of fun and exclusive stuff for supporters.

Thanks for reading!