American Songbook: Redacted sticker sheet


Sticker sheet with five stickers inspired by the album and show The American Songbook: Redacted! Full color, 4″x6″ (102mmx152mm)

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This full-color sticker sheet has 5 different designs, each with a custom shape! The stickers include the show’s logo and four song-inspired designs. The five peel-off stickers are:

  • The show’s logo on a white background
  • “Plug Your Ears and Sing!”
  • Corporations Are People Too!
  • An oval sticker that says “Trust The Invisible Hand!”
  • “Now That’s What I Call Fraud” logo from the Lou Pearlman video!

The sticker sheet measures 4″x6″ (102mmx152mm)

Shipping is a flat rate of $2 for stickers. Add a CD, button pack, or keychain and shipping is $5 flat rate for all

All AS:R merch comes with a free download code for “Were Those Really The Days?” the newest song in the show! Available starting on July 7, 2023


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