American Songbook: Redacted embroidered patch!


A 3.5″x2″ (89mmx51mm) embroidered patch featuring the American Songbook: Redacted text logo on a white background with a red border. Put it on a backpack! A jean jacket! Your NASCAR fire suit! Expertly modeled with hat and jacket (not included)

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This embroidered patch measures 3.5″x2″ (89mmx51mm) and will look great anywhere! Put it on a backpack, jacket, or a classic trucker hat. So many options you may need to buy more than one!

We put one on a grey Dickies Detroit jacket that we had lying around, and a navy blue trucker hat we got through Amazon for under $10, and we’re not even good at sewing. Our 7th grade sewing teacher Mrs. Milligan would be so proud.

Shipping is a flat rate of $2 for the patch. Add a CD, button pack, or keychain and shipping is $5 flat rate for all

All AS:R merch comes with a free download code for “Were Those Really The Days?” the newest song in the show! Available starting on July 7, 2023


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