Do you want to write EDM-style pop but don’t have any musical ability? Use the EDM-N8R app and sound just like the pros! 

All you have to do is pick a tempo, one of the one beats available, a synth loop and you’re on your way!

This week’s 52 Sellout celebrates Electronic Dance Music-infused pop, my least favorite trend in current pop music. The repetitive beats! The overused gimmicky sweeps, rolls, and drops! The 20 seconds of music stretched out to 4 minutes! EDM-style production is all over Top 40 right now, even country artists are releasing mixes by DJs to crack that corporate playlist, and I really hope it’s near the saturation point.

Now, as I’ve said in my Calvin Harris “Oof, Who Charted?” video, I don’t hate EDM completely—it’s perfect for dance clubs when you want a repetitive rhythm to keep your body moving. And I do appreciate the skill and artistry DJs employ when putting together a 30-minute or longer set, pulled from various musical sources and artists. But being able to build a collage of sounds for 30 minutes of dancing is a different skill than creating a 3-minute pop song with hooks and melodic innovation.

And the repetition. Dear lord, the repetition! It’s enough to drive an active listener bananas. I put this musical track together in a matter of minutes. I spent longer on the voiceover than the music, so maybe I’m the idiot for not making millions at it.

Sketches Video

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