In my hometown of Waukegan, Illinois lies a highway that’s been in Hollywood blockbusters, television shows, Super Bowl commercials and more! But until this week’s 52 Sellout it had yet to have its own song.

Since I was traveling all last week for FuMPFest and to hang out with the family back home, I had to come up with a 52 Sellout idea that was a.) acoustic, b.) something I could shoot on the road with no effects or green screening, and c.) hopefully captured the flavor of my travels this week. And for those of you who have seen my “I Call it Rockegan” video from many years ago about my hometown, you’ve heard about the quirky stretch of highway called the Amstutz Expressway. So writing an acoustic ode to the Amstutz, a la Ventura Highway by America, seemed a natural fit.

It was a fun challenge to get this week’s video together, including figuring out the best way to position the iPad for shooting (see below). And props to my big sis for driving me back and forth down the Amstutz a couple of times to get the footage needed! Hope you like this road show version of 52 Sellout!

low-tech iPad tripod made of 3 old Norton Anthologies
low-tech iPad tripod made of 3 old Norton Anthologies
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