Keep Your Jazz Hand Strong is on track for a mid-May release, thanks to an enthusiastic response to the kickstarter campaign and an ambitious production schedule. My initial announcement of an April release was a little… optimistic, I guess. I mean, I’m going to be done with my end of things in April, but there will still be the mastering, printing and manufacturing to be done, which will require some time.

If you want to be the among the first people to hear the new album you can get a digital download code for pledging just $10 to the kickstarter campaign, and for $15 you’ll get an exclusive hund-numbered and signed copy. I’ll only be numbering CDs for the kickstarter campaign so this is a very limited-edition item. There are also exclusive live CDs, a live DVD and more that you can get through the kickstarter so check it out!

And even though I’ve already met my fundraising goal—and was thrilled and grateful to do so in just four days—funds raised over the goal will go directly to mastering more songs, cooler packaging and other enhancements. So keep spreading the word!

I know you’re really going to like the new album and thanks so much for the support you’ve already given me. Look for the new tunes in May and remember, keep your jazz hand strong!