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Record Release

Keep Your Jazz Hand Strong release imminent!

The discs have officially been delivered to the RobPRocks warehouse facility (the basement of our undisclosed Midwestern complex) and they are being readied for shipment to our distribution partners. That means on (or before depending on iTunes) June 4, 2013, you’ll be able to get your jazz hands on Keep Your Jazz Hand Strong!

We’re also putting the finishing touches on the video for the first single, which should be posted early next week!

For all of my wonderful kickstarter supporters, the download codes for the digital versions of the rewards will be emailed early this week and the physical merch (the CDs, DVDs and more) will be shipped this week and early next.

As soon as the links are live we’ll post them here and on the new official site for the album,

Is this going to be the best summer ever? I simply don’t see how it won’t be!

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