Join us on Monday, June 10 from 8-10pm Eastern Daylight Time as we celebrate the release of Keep Your Jazz Hand Strong!

The album officially comes out the previous week on June 4 (the date will be different on certain music sites, we never know when the heck iTunes is going to make something live) but we’re marking June 10th as the Release Date (observed).

If you can’t make it to Brooklyn that night the show will be streaming live on (000-0200 GMT Tuesday, June 11), and I’ll have a prize or two just for people who tweet into the show.

I’ll be playing a lot of songs from the new album, I’ll be raffling off a couple of copies of the CD, and possibly a few more goodies. And that’s not all. I have special guests!



From 8:00-8:30 the funny dirty songs of Jessica Delfino!


From 8:30-9:00 The witty songs and lush harmonies of Summer & Eve!

So come if you can, and if you can’t, watch the whole thing online!

Monday, June 10
The Way Station
683 Washington Ave (between St. Marks Ave and Prospect Pl)
2/3 to Eastern Pkwy/Brooklyn Museum, C to Clinton/Washington
8:00 Jessica Delfino
8:30 Summer & Eve
9:00-10:00 Rob Paravonian
10:00-11:0 Brooklyn Jazz Warriors