People say 2016 is the worst year ever, but the SALES tho! We’re kicking 2016 to the curb with an epic closeout on things we’ll no longer need in 2017, like jokes about the Cubs being losers, Harambe dolls, and opinions too nuanced to express in memes!

And with this video 52 Sellout hits 52 weeks! I can hardly believe it myself!

I came up with the idea last year when I was visiting my mom over the holidays. I had wanted to do something that would motivate me to create more work and post things on a regular schedule and I had ideas for about 3 commercial parodies (the pickup truck ad from week 2, the happy tech ad from week 3, and something that turned into week 1). I decided to announce in an effort to commit to the idea.

Once I hit 10 weeks, and especially 13 which I billed as the First Quarter, I thought there was a slim chance I’d actually get 52 completed. There were times where I wish I had an extra day to edit, or more time to work on a more elaborate idea, but I stuck to the schedule. Those deadlines helped the creative process by freeing me from trying to be perfect, or from waiting until a different idea hit me. The weekly schedule also freed me up to take more chances because knowing I’d be making another video the following week allowed me to take a risk with the current one.

And there are videos that are now among my personal favorite work that I never would have made had I not started on this project. El Inmolado, It’s a Fact-Free World, Fake News Nightly, and Chinatown Bus, which I re-recorded as a rock song for my latest album.

Thanks all for watching, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and I hope you’ll join me on my next hare-brained idea! Happy New Year!

Sketches Video

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