If the Foundation for a Better Life can do a commercial for “gratitude” I can do one for think pieces!  You know, those essays your friends or bloggers write about politics, social issues, or pop culture, that are scattered about online. Sometimes I get the feeling that they’re more about the writer cathartically expelling something from his or her brain than about trying to make a point or having a conversation.

And if that’s the case, well that’s fine—we all need to cope—but I’m not necessarily going to rush to read it, so don’t insist. And ESPECIALLY don’t read your blog post to me at a bar (that’s happened).

The music this week started out as a late-80s R&B/pop thing but somehow got infused with a 2000s pop-sounding melody. One of the fun things about doing a weekly project is that I can’t labor over decisions too much and I have to go in the direction I started in. If, halfway through I realize I’m mixing a couple of genres, well, too late! I gotta keep going with it and see what happens.


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