People freaked out when they remade Ghostbusters with female leads so I hope they don’t see my re-imagining of the original as a 1980s hour-long drama. 

I originally wrote the music to be more of a sit-com theme from the 80s, kind of like Taxi or Mork & Mindy, but something about the way it turned out made it sound more fitting for an hour-long drama. I wrote the piece over two months ago and it was languishing on my hard drive as I tried to figure out how to spoof the opening title sequence of a drama like Hill Street Blues. Then somehow my brain connected the opening shot of the Hill Street Blues title and the reveal of the Ghostbusters van in Ghostbusters and the rest fell into place.

And if you’re wondering why I used the character names instead of the actor names I think it’s because I wanted to keep this imagined hour-long drama in the Ghostbusters world. I envision it as part of their fame in the story. Also, I felt using the actors’s names would connect this pretend show too much to reality, and that’s no fun. Or maybe I’m just losing the ability to distinguish fiction from the real world (it IS a fact-free world, after all).

I hope you like it! It was fun to put together, not only because I finally got to use this piece of music that I really like, but also because it gave me an excuse to really dig in to the original Ghostbusters, which I love. (haven’t seen the remake yet, it’s in my queue!)

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