Songs From The Second Floor cover thumbnailNever Forgets
from Songs From the Second Floor
(see below for chords)

words & music by Rob Paravonian
©2009 Paravonian, all rights reserved, administered by BMI

My girl remembers every single one of my mistakes
But she never gives me any crap for them right away
She just saves them up
For a time when she screws up
Then she pulls out one of mine and shoves it back in my face

I’ll say “honey why did you tape over my shows”
She’ll say “two years ago you were mean to me at a party.”
I’ll say “babe did you remember to pay the cable.”
She’ll say “your ex called last week so don’t even start.”
She didn’t say a word at the time
She just filed it away in her mind
She saved it up to use against me someday

You see if I screw up I’d rather hear about it right away
‘Cause I know she’s lying when she says “it’s o.k.”
I’m filled with dread she’s filled with glee
‘Cause we both know she’s got something on me
And there’s no way in hell I won’t hear about this someday

I’ll say “honey did you make those reservations?”
She says “I was thinking of the time you let the cat out.”
I’ll say “darling do you know anything about that dent in my car?”
“It probably happened the night of your friend’s bachelor party.”
But you said it was o.k. if I went
And we didn’t even have this car then
Oh I see you saved it up so you could use it against me someday

‘Cause when she screws up she can’t stand the feeling
So she pulls out one of my old goofs and says, “now we’re even.”
It doesn’t make sense but it makes her feel better
Hell sometimes she uses stuff I did before I even met her
‘Cause my girl never forgets

Now I found a way to keep her from saving up all of my crimes
When she screws up I just screw up bigger at the same time
If it’s all about evening out
I’ll give her something to be even about
Then I won’t have to wonder when she’s gonna scream and whine

I’ll say “honey I see you bounced a check,
And by the way, I hate your mother.
And it’s cool that you broke one of our t.v.s
‘Cause I just smasheed the other.”
I won’t take it anymore
I won’t let you keep score
You can’t save it up to use against me someday.

‘Cause when she screws up she can’t take the feeling
So she pulls out one of my old goofs and says “now we’re even”
She pretends that she’s mad and she acts like she hates me
But she just uses her emotions to manipulate me
It’s all about deception and it’s all about distortion
If she used her memory for good she could make a fortune
‘Cause my girl never forgets

Intro: E/A/E/A/

Verse: E/E/E/E/

Prechorus: F#-/B/E/A/ 3x

Verse 2

Prechorus 2

Chorus: F#-/B/E/A/ 2x
F#- A/B/E/A 2x

Verse 3

Chorus 2

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