Songs From the Second Floor cover thumbnailSlummin’
from Songs From the Second Floor
(see below for chords)

words & music by Rob Paravonian
©2009 Paravonian, all rights reserved, administered by BMI

She’s a successful executive VP
And I have no idea why she’s going out with me
‘Cause I’m a musician
and I am a slob
She’s upper class and I don’t have a job

She’s slummin’ for a change of pace
Slummin’ I’m her charity case
Slummin’ She’s trying to break free
Instead of getting a tattoo she got me

Building her career is how she spent her time
She sold her soul and now she wants to borrow mine
‘Cause I make her feel different
And I make her look weird
She’s looks cool when she’s with me
It’s like I’m her hipster beard

She’s slummin’ she’s better than me
Slummin’ Everyone can see
Slummin’ she’s trying something new
She couldn’t backpack through Europe so I’ll have to do

All her friends at work will talk
How adventuresome she is
(“she stayed with him last night in Brooklyn” “Oh my gosh!”)
At all their functions they’ll all point and gawk
Whenever we walk in
(“she brought him here? how scandalous!”

People wonder how long it’s going to last
Only long enough for her to think she has a past
Then she’ll go back to her world
And I’ll go back to mine
And whenever she feels boring she’ll just think back to the time

She went slummin’ and dated out of her class
Slummin’ and got some poverty ass
Slummin’ and she did it well
She just needed to get a story to tell
She needed to give herself a story to tell

Intro: G/G D G/A

Verse: A/A/D/A

Chorus: A/D/A/D/
A/D/G/G D G/A/

Verse 2

Chorus 2

Bridge: D/D/C#-/B-

Verse 3

Chorus 3

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