Songs From The Second Floor cover thumbnailChildren’s Song
from Songs From the Second Floor
(see below for chords)

words & music by Rob Paravonian
©2009 Paravonian, all rights reserved, administered by BMI

Hello my friend, how are you
Good evening, day or morning.
I’m as excited to see you as the last time you were here
Because this is a recording
I’ll always be here for you
I’ll never get tired of you
You just must push play
I’m here to distract you with colorful things
To help Mommy get through her day.

Because Mommy needs some time to herself
That’s why you’re here right now with me
Sometimes she gets a little overwhelmed
So she puts you in front of the t.v.

It’s not your fault, you’re a normal kid
Full of energy and life
Believe it or not, Mommy was just like you
Before she became some a-hole’s wife
Now she’s stuck in the house
She can’t work or get out
Because she never has the time
That’s why I’m here to distract you
So she can get back to
Working on her degree online

I think she’s studying psychology!


Don’t worry, just because Mommy’s lying on her bed with a cold towel on her head doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you.  Mommies always scream into their pillows when they’re happy.
Would you like to try to cheer her up? You would? Then sing after me:

I love you Mommy—
You’re the prettiest Mommy—
And even though you’ve had kids—
and your body’s stretched out—
you still have value as a woman—

Excellent job, I think that worked
But now we must sit still
We have to be quiet for the next little while
So Mommy won’t need her pills
Now I’ve got to go
but I want you to know
I’ll be back again soon my friend
When Daddy gets home tonight and he and Mommy have a fight
You’ll be back with me again

All together now!

Louder! Drown our the screaming!

Verse: G D/E- D/C D/G/ 2x
D7/D7/G  C/G/  2x

Chorus: G/A-/G/D
G/A-/G D/G C G

Verse 2

Chorus 2

Singalong: D7/D7/G/G/

Verse 3

Chorus 3

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