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Cover Tuesday’s Greatest Hits Vol. 5!

Cover Tuesday’s Greatest Hits Vol. 5!

Watch If Bauhaus covered Get Into the Groove

Get Into The Groove

To sing Madonna’s Get Into the Groove I needed to lower the vocal an octave and somehow I ended up sounding more like Peter Murphy from Bauhaus, so I decided to lean into it. Enjoy Mads the Goth!

Neil Diamond’s “Heartlight”

Neil Diamond and Burt Bacharach walk into a movie theater to see E.T. The Extraterrestrial and they walk out thinking “we gotta write a song about that!” So they did and this is that.

Watch Heartlight by Neil Diamond
Watch Take This Job And Shove It!

Take This Job And Shove It!

This classic country song, originally sung by Johnny Paycheck, is a prime example of why you should never, ever take career advice from country music! On the upside it inspired a movie of the same name, the climax of which is Robert Hays telling his boss to, you guessed it, take his job and shove it!

Back In Time

Speaking of movies, we have this classic from Back to the Future! Because you can’t go back to the future unless you first go Back in Time!

Watch Back in Time by Huey Lewis AND the News!
Watch The Trucker Classic: “Convoy!”


Still speaking of movies, this song was so popular they made a movie out of it! And the movie starred a better country music songwriter who had nothing to do with the song! Kris Kristofferson played Rubber Duck in the movie based on this CW McCall (a pseudonym for Bill Fries) song; so, that’s weird.

Purple Rain

OK, so I guess every song in this Greatest Hits has something to do with a movie (Get Into the Groove was featured in Madonna’s screen debut Desperately Seeking Susan if you were wondering). But this one takes the purple cake because Purple Rain is the name of the song, album, AND movie! I even turned on the reverb for this one!

Watch Purple Rain

Cover Tuesday Greatest Hits Vol 4!

More Faves, Including Song #500!

Watch Song #500: Buena by Morphine!

Song #500: Buena by Morphine!

I hit the 500th cover on Jan 12, 2021 in the 39th episode of Cover Tuesday which was our Pills, Meds, & Drug themed show in honor of National Pharmacist Day! Thanks to RickyRae for the suggestion of Buena by the pharmaceutically named band Morphine!

Pusherman by Curtis Mayfield

Another track from our Pills, Meds, & Drugs theme on National Pharmacist Day was the Curtis Mayfield classic “Pusherman!” Broke out the looper and the wah wah pedal for this one!

Watch Curtis Mayfield’s Pusherman, complete with wah-wah guitar!
Watch Gold Digger by Kanye West

Gold Digger by Kanye West

Back before he was a certifiably crazy presidential candidate the obviously crazy Kanye West released really good hip hop tracks. Here’s my attempt at covering one of them, from our Gold-theme show!

I definitely crashed Red Barchetta by Rush

The 2nd of 4 color-themed shows during the holidays was the red theme, which gave me the perfect opportunity to ruin this Rush classic Red Barchetta! If you like vocal percussion and guitar harmonics this is the track for you!

Watch Another ridiculous Rush cover: Red Barchetta!
Watch Private Eyes by Hall & Oates

Private Eyes by Hall & Oates

My sister was kind enough to give me a groovy eye projector thinking an “eyes” theme would be a fun show. And she was right! There were so many fun songs to choose from, including this 80s classic.

Tomorrow by Silverchair

For the silver-themed show there were plenty of songs with silver in the title and a few from bands with silver in their name, including this 90s grunge classic. Travel back with me to the era of flannel, long hair, and songs that are quiet then get loud then quiet then loud again!

Watch Tomorrow by Silverchair
Watch These Eyes by Hall & Oates

These Eyes by The Guess Who

Another track from the “eyes”-themed show, complete with special effects! Or at least complete with googley eyes projected in the background. This song even includes hand claps triggered by a foot pedal! So much excitement!

Cover Tuesday’s Greatest Hits Vol. 2!

Cover Tuesday has been going strong every week on Twitch(Tuesday, 8:15 PM Eastern U.S.) and it’s been a ton of fun putting the setlists together and doing as many of your requests as I can! I posted the first selection of favorite covers back on May 13, and below are some faves from the next 11 shows!

The spotify playlist is currently (as of this writing on 6 August, 2020) is up to 224 songs, which means I’m averaging 12 songs a week. The Ridiculous Dozen!

I had to make two substitutions in the playlist: In Week 2 I had to substitute a different Mighty Lemon Drops song because “Inside Out” wasn’t available, and Little Richard’s “Scuba Party” from Catalina Caper, which I performed on June 30, was nowhere to be found so I swapped in “It Ain’t What You Do.”

So here are some recent favorites:

Wannabe by the Spice Girls

In cranking out this girl power anthem I somehow took a few detours through Howard Jones and Young MC, but it worked, trust me!

I Love It by Icona Pop

“I crashed my car into the bridge, I don’t care” seems to sum up Summer 2020 in the U.S. so I have deemed this song my summer anthem!

Ace of Spades by Motörhead, a la Johnny Cash

“Ace of Spades” was a request and in order both oblige and save my voice (singing like Lemmy hurts!) I reimagined this song as a Johnny Cash cover. Though it was born out of necessity it’s now the only way I can hear the song!

Tom Sawyer by Rush

Another song by request! This one came from a college friend via facebook and I did the best I could, even though I’ve always said I thought Rush used “too many notes.”

Trooper by Iron Maiden

Sometimes requests seem more like dares, like when my friend Jonathan requested the lyrically overflowing Hardware Store by Weird Al. Though the “heavy” and the “metal” were missing I think it still turned out OK and I should at least get an A for effort.

I Love Your Smile by Shanice

I love when a request is a song I somehow missed the first time around, and this early 90s R&B earworm was really fun to do. Even though it was stuck in my head for the whole dang week. It’s just too peppy and poppy!

Baba O’Riley by The Who

Tried to pull off an acoustic version of one of the best rock anthems ever and thanks to the Loopback plugin in MainStage I think I ended up with a decent rendition 🙂

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