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Calvin Harris

[Oof, Who Charted?] Summer—Calvin Harris

Get out your glow sticks, we’re talking about EDM! I don’t want to say that dance music is repetitive, but I don’t want to say dance music is repetitive.

I also don’t want to say dance music is repetitive but (quieter now) I don’t want to say dance music is repetitive. (Bass Drop!) I don’t want…

Well, you get it. And it doesn’t even feel that contemporary to me. The “rave knave” keyboard sounds, the saw wave synth leads, are all very cheesy 80s relics that somehow have survived. All of that could be forgiven if it weren’t so dang repetitive. Did I mention how repetitive it is?

Electronic sounding music can be done very well. Mark Mothersbaugh’s soundtrack for the Lego Movie is amazing and shows how good music can be when you have an actual musician/composer working the dials of all of the electronic gizmos. But when DJs and dance enthusiasts are behind the controls it gets pretty repetitive. Did I mention that?

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