The dulcet tones of an acoustic guitar meet the soft voice of Rob Paravonian as he asks that musical question: “do I belong in Brooklyn anymore?” 

I had this melody for a while but couldn’t come up with lyrics for it until I gave in to the introspective sound of it and do some navel gazing. I wasn’t sure if anyone else would like the song but I’ve tried it out at a couple of tiny venues here in Brooklyn and people have responded well, so I decided to record it and post it.

I kept the arrangement simple, I was inspired by the Zombies track “The Way I Feel Inside” which is just a vocal for the first minute or so. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Here are the lyrics:

Sometimes I wonder why I’m here
I don’t really like craft beer
Do I belong in Brooklyn anymore?

I work as a pet-sitter
I’m not verified on twitter
Do I belong in Brooklyn anymore?

Has my time past?
I don’t podcast
I left improv class at level 4
I’m not quite on brand
I won’t pretend I know that band
Do I belong in Brooklyn anymore?

I’ve never had a high colonic
My bowling team was not ironic
Do I belong in Brooklyn anymore?

No cool startup firm employs me
The concept of brunch annoys me
Do I belong in Brooklyn anymore?

Am I too old?
I do my yoga cold
I go and get my groceries from the store
I’m not famous and rich
I think a bahn mi’s just a sandwich
Do I belong in Brooklyn anymore?

No one follows me on Spotify
I’d never say “it just makes sense to buy”

Can Siri or Alexa help me?
Is there a BuzzFeed quiz that tells me
If I belong in Brooklyn anymore?

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