Trump’s Russian connections keep getting murkier! Here’s a classic Russian folksong updated to praise Putin’s new boo, complete with strumming balalaikas in the background!

The music is from the Russian classic “Song of Stenka Razin” about a Cossack leader who is traveling up the Volga with his men to fight the Russian nobility and who throws his wife in the river because his men were teasing him.

Here are my new lyrics:

He’s too strong for manners
and he’ll never claim to lose
There has never been one tanner
and his hands are freakin’ yooge

Among his true believers
This man can do no wrong
He grabs women by their beavers
As they praise him in song

On behalf of the downtrodden
He’ll fight the government
But his fans are soon forgotten
as he helps the One Percent

All his critics he’ll be suing
While his sons are on the take
Any time there is wrongdoing
He’ll claim the news is fake

So now you’ve heard the story
And you should be impressed
To our leader goes the glory
While we’re stuck with the mess

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