All this talk of “Fake News” especially the Trump administration’s complete misunderstanding of the term, has me wondering: how does this effect Huey Lewis?

 In the following twitter thread what a Huey Lewis & the FAKE News featuring the Trump Tower of Power Horns might be. I think, it might go, a little something, like this:

Have we stopped to consider how the Trump administration’s war on the media is affecting The News? Where does Huey Lewis stand? 1/16

In its continuing war w/ the media the Trump administration announces plans to nominate new members of The News. Huey Lewis still silent.2/16

To appease Trump, Huey Lewis will rebrand to Huey Lewis & the FAKE News, featuring the Trump Tower of Power Horns. 3/16

On trumpet in Trump Tower of Power Horns: B. DeVos. She’s never played & doesn’t know what a scale is but DJT says she “looks musical.” 4/16

Tenor, alto, & bari sax in TToPH will be played by Goldman’s CFO, COO, & CTO respectively, cuz, you know, Goldman Sax. #sorrynotsorry 5/16

Ken Bone on trombone! 6/16

On backing vox & tambourine: Sean Spicer. Will walk back Huey’s lyrics and distract w/ shiny object. 7/16

Stage mgr: Linda McMahon of WWE. Will cut fire code regulations on pyrotechnics. Resultant fires blamed on immigrants. 8/16

Trump insists that Dr. Ben Carson should be the drummer for Huey Lewis & the FAKE News because he has “natural rhythm.” #dogwhistle 9/16

Peter Thiel of PayPal to play organ in HLatFN. Will disrupt the band by replacing the organ w/ algorithm, roadies will be fired. 10/16

Trump EO adds banjo to Huey Lewis’ & The Fake News. Nom. is poultry magnate Ronald Cameron because “pickin’” rhymes with “chicken.” 11/16

The new tour director for HLatFN is Trump donor Cherna Moskowitz. She will only schedule tours in disputed regions of the West Bank. 12/16

Security for Huey Lewis & the FAKE News will be done by biker club Hell’s Hombres. Resulting deaths will be blamed on ISIS. 13/16

To appease Trump the song “I Want A New Drug” will be rewritten to criticize overregulation at the FDA. 14/16

New lyrics for Huey Lewis & the FAKE News: “The heart of rock n’ roll is still beating/private Medicare is the reason.” 15/16

Trump has already negotiated for the HLatFN song “Stuck With You” to be his 2020 anthem. Will drop the words “happy to be” from chorus 16/16

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