This week’s 52 Sellout is dedicated to your temporary neighbor: the guy living on your block in a trailer selling Christmas trees!  He moves in around Thanksgiving and is there until Christmas Day, and where he goes after that is a complete mystery.

I had fun writing the rhymes for this week but there was definitely a time crunch in getting the video done as I was back in Chicago until Tuesday evening for the Laughingstock Music Festival (which was a blast!). I wrote the lyrics during free time Sunday and Monday, and grabbed the background pictures at a Chicago Christmas tree lot right up the street from the Elbo Room before my set Sunday night so I did what I could to get as ready as possible before I got home.

The hour-plus cab ride home thanks to traffic at LaGuardia Airport sure didn’t help matters. I waited 15 minutes for the bus and watched the traffic at Terminal B move a whole 10 feet before I decided to try a cab, and thanks to the construction the taxi stand was so far I would have just walked home from LaGuardia if there were any way to get off the airport grounds through the construction.

But enough about me, the important thing is the dope rhymes got finished and I’ve kept the weekly streak alive with only 3 more to go to complete the year! I hope you’re having a lovely holiday season so far and enjoy the video!

Sketches Video

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