Celebrate your freedom from facts with this uplifting, wholesome 70s pop! Brought to you by the Foundation for a Fact-Free World! 

Everyone talks about how our personal media bubbles have created a world in which there are no agreed-upon facts (there’s a fancy term for it but I’m writing this at 3:30 in the morning after editing all day and I’ll never remember it). But why knock it? Growing up we were always sung to about how we needed to believe in ourselves, what if we believe in ourselves so much that we know we’re always right?

There’s a fine line between uplifting and inciting, I suppose.

I’m really happy with the music for this week’s video, it turned out exactly as 1970s-riffic as I had hoped. I crammed a lot into just over a minute, I hope you appreciate it. There are strings, horns, guitars, and some solid bass playing, if I do write so myself.

On the video side I again did what I could in a week. If I had more time and budget and actors I would have cast an Up With People-esque crew to join me. But in some ways I think the creepy clone quality of me doing all the parts is fitting for a world in which no facts exist.

I hope you enjoy it, it’s going to be up for an Oscar this year! Wait, is that a fact? Who says it’s not?!

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