If you see something interesting but don’t post it on social media, does it count? 

According to my new Instagram commercial, no. No it does not.

I wrote this commercial early on in the 52 Sellout project, maybe even back in January or February, but I never got around to shooting it. For some reason this week felt like the right week to do it. It was a lovely day on Monday and I was able to find a section of Prospect Park that was relatively quiet. The hollowed-out tree trunk was a nice discovery and made for a lovely setting for my stuffed monkey-cow (which was the result of a triumphant skee ball win in Las Vegas).

It was a fun ad to put together because it tells a story without dialogue and I feel the music is legitimately compelling. I think if I were doing an “earnest” ad I could use the same music. But that’s the thing: ads can never really be “earnest” because they’re always selling something. This contradiction is part of what I’m exploring in 52 Sellout, which is now up to 40 weeks! Woot woot!

Hope you enjoy it!

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