Why earn reward miles when you can earn reward kilometers? It’s all arbitrary anyway so who cares?  We’re not here to debate the best measure of distance, we’re here to gamify your spending habits to keep you hooked on purchasing!

As you can hopefully see, this week’s 52 Sellout is a parody of the Capital One credit card commercials featuring Jennifer Garner or Samuel L. Jackson as spokespersons. I had the idea for the commercial and had to check to see if the originals actually had any music in them at all. Some of them do but it’s very low in the mix and nothing too interesting so I concentrated on the hosting portion. The music is a simple, somewhat motivational chord progression after a few seconds of a tense string pad.

Week 31! I’m really glad I’ve been able to keep this going, and there are only 21 weeks left, so I feel like I have to make it all the way now. Stay tuned!

Sketches Video

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