Sure, playing video games in public isn’t ideal, but what if the game is DESIGNED to be played in public? Then you need the services of EscortAR™! You’re just a tap and swipe away from having your very own escort to watch the road while you watch your phone’s screen. So stay in your bubble and let an independent contractor from EscortAR™ keep in from bursting!

Rob’s notes:
Believe it or not, this week the music came first. I have a few 60-second instrumentals I’ve created while working on 52 Sellout and I had this peppy little synth-pop number that I couldn’t pair with any of the commercial ideas I was having. I originally thought it had an assembly line feel to it so I kept thinking of trying to come up with a commercial that showed some kind of silly manufacturing going on. Over the weekend I was pondering the music’s 80s aesthetic and thought maybe an 80s video game commercial could be fun, and from there it was a short step over to the Pokemon Go craze, which is both retro and cutting edge.


Sketches Video

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