A Grey-haired Jon Bon Jovi has been singing in DirecTV ads lately, sneaking up on unsuspecting  couples as they while away their hours in front of the tube*. Having experienced Mr. Jovi’s career from the start, these ads don’t make me laugh or want to sign up for satellite TV, they just make me realize that Livin’ on a Prayer came out 30 years ago and HOLY CRAP I’M OLD!!

The music this week is Jovian arena rock and putting it together made me realize how easy it is to make. I really should have gone that route when I had the hair to pull it off (see pic on previous post). This week’s video also marks the momentous milestone of involving the first non-me actor! My very good friend Lee helped me out with shooting and did an excellent job, as you can see.


*“tube” is an informal term for “television.” Because TVs used to be made with cathode ray tubes. (sigh) Old.

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