The gig economy is bringing technological innovation to the organization of the workforce, and probably also precipitating the robot apocalypse.  But that’s a small price to pay for cheap rides on demand, amIright?

For this week’s 52 Sellout I peer into the near future to see what the endgame is for a company that will most likely have a fleet of computer-operated cars taking us everywhere. Will it be that happy, 1950s retro-future of frozen smiles and suburban plastic? Or a Blade Runner (non-Y.A.) dystopia with hordes of killbots roaming the streets?

The music for this one was fun because I wanted something that started with a curious feel, like a happy, corporate video would have, but could easily transition to something more sinister. I used a simple sine wave synth patch and added some low, rumbling strings as it progressed, and then started blending in some chirpy, staticky, unnatural sounds, ending what sounds like robot speech.

I hope you like it!

Sketches Video

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