If you love the film Mad Max: Fury Road as much as I do then I don’t have to tell you who the Doof Warrior is,  if you don’t I’ll remind you that he’s the crazy guitar player who rides on a truck tricked out with a post-apocalyptic taiko drum ensemble riding on the back of it. It’s one of the many details that make you scream out “holy cow, this movie is bat-crap bananas!” while watching.

So, when I decided that I wanted to get some heavier pieces of music into my 52 Sellout project, it seemed natural to work the crazy-ass Doof Wagon into it and this is what I came up with. I mean, someone in the world of the Wasteland had to build that thing, right? Sure, it was probably some slave of Immortan Joe, but maybe, just maybe, there are some mechanics out there that are so good they can remain independent.

As for the music, as you can hear it’s a lot of guitars. All in drop D tuning and through various Line 6 amp simulators. More importantly though, in addition to the double-kick drum kit (via a BFD 2 sample player) there are 2 stereo tracks of taiko drum sounds. If you want to listen to the track on its own (without all of Prax’s yelling) I put it up on SoundCloud, where I created a playlist of all the music I’ve made for the 52 Sellout project.

Week 6 is now in the books. WITNESS ME, BROTHER!!

Sketches Video

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