I know, another song inspired by the movie John Wick (which is awesome!). While watching Keanu kick butt I realized there’s a character in the movie that is in a lot of action movies and dramas:  namely the protagonist’s dead wife who’s seen only in flashbacks or in quick opening summaries of the past. Her sacrifice is an easy way to give a character some depth without a lot of explaining, character building, or writing, and I wanted to bring her work the attention it deserves.

For the video I rounded up clips from the aforementioned (and did I say “awesome”?) John Wick, along with clips from  Lethal Weapon, Robocop, Seven Pounds, Looper, The Crow, Inception, Gladiator, End of Days, Up, and Finding Nemo. I bet you never thought Robocop and Finding Nemo had anything in common! Musically this song marks the first piano-only arrangement I’ve recorded and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. And yes, I wrote the piano part but I’m faking it in the video because I’m not that great of a pianist (thank goodness for MIDI!).

Hope you like it and that it helps you appreciate the hard work all of the Flashback Wives out there have done.

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