For the Best (Worst Tribute Song Ever) Music Video from Rob Paravonian on Vimeo.

Have you ever wanted to make fun of a bad tribute song, but felt guilty because you didn’t want to mock someone’s grief? Then this is the video for you! 

Imagine a world where the lost friend may have deserved his fate; in such a world this may be the tribute song that a friend writes for him.


This song goes out to anyone who’s ever lost somebody
And after you lose them you realize
Maybe they weren’t the best influence on your life
You don’t want to say it out loud
But sometimes its true
What are you gonna do?

It’s hard to believe you’ve been gone so long
But it’s been easy to carry on
’Cause your bad ideas were like an infection
Like sitting in the back seat giving bad directions
Since you left all our problems stopped
‘Cause there was no one there to say “let’s go fight cops!”
Or that kitchen fire that was all your fault
Or when you sold the meth dealer kosher salt
I’m not saying I wanted you to die
But when I said it wasn’t fair it was kind of a lie
That last night you were in classic form
Dancing on the roof in a lightning storm
Your normal behavior was all kinds of wrong
I’m actually surprised it took this long
But I am truly sad ‘cause I’ll never see
That four hundred dollars you still owe me

You went away
All I can say
Is it might be for the best

(“My credit rating is up 50 points since you left”)

And the afterlife will be difficult
Because you were still in that sci fi cult
You said heaven’s not the place that you’re gonna go
Your soul is gonna ride on a UFO
Now I don’t know if all that’s true
But when I die I hope I don’t see you
‘Cause if we’re on a spaceship flying ‘round the moon
With your dumb ass aboard we would crash it soon
But I don’t wanna say it was all bad
We had some fun when you weren’t driving me mad
If we ever met ladies and you tried to holler
Next to you I looked like a damn Rhodes scholar
And all of that wreckage that you left in your wake
Forced us to learn from your mistakes
So in honor of you proving there’s not much time
I got a misspelled tattoo that says “Carpe Dime!”

You went away
All I can say
Is it might be for the best

(“And I know I didn’t say it before, but congratulations on your Darwin award”)

Now that you’re gone
We’ll carry on
Without you we’re truly blessed

“I’m pouring one out for you, right on to my laptop like you used to do”

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