I was on IFC’s Comedy Music Hall of Fame show! For nearly 10 seconds! See, what had happened was they had this idea to do a song in the key of G with clips and snippets from every comedy musician they knew. We all submitted whatever we wanted, as long as it was in the key of G and around 100 bpm, and then they would try to fuse it all together into one insane collaboration.

It sounds pretty crazy but it actually worked and I think it turned out really well. For my part I wrote a couple of verses (I used the tried and true 4-chord progression of I-V-vi-IV) and I also spend a fair amount of time making “huah”s and “come on”s and various other guttural sounds in case they wanted to mix some of those in. They ended up using one my verses and a bunch of the, let’s call them “accents,” and I was excited to be on screen alongside so many other comedy music folks from around the country.

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