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summer fridays

Summer Fridays-new single-out today!

My new single “Summer Fridays” is out today! It’s a southern rock jam about trying to get out of town a little early on Friday but never quite being able to make a clean getaway. Roll the windows down and crank it up!

Or put your headphones on and listen while you’re stuck in a last-minute zoom with your team because one of the higher-ups wants a new presentation ready by Monday :-/

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music (soon), bandcamp, and I made a lyric video for YouTube!

update June 27, 2022: added Apple Music link

And since I think Summer Fridays is the perfect song for a road trip playlist, I made one! If you’re hitting the road this summer give it a listen and you can rock out while you’re stuck in weekend traffic!

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