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I’ll be Guest of Honor at MarsCon!

MarsCon Dementia Track Banner

I am really excited to be the Musical Guest of Honor at this year’s MarsCon, a fan-run science fiction and fantasy convention that features an extensive Dementia Music Track. What is Dementia Music, you ask? Comedy, novelty, oddity, and strange music of the kind curated by the great Dr. Demento, who’s syndicated FM radio show was the home of comedy music for decades.

Dr. Demento moved from the FM airwaves to the internet’s data packets and still brings novelty music to his devoted fans every week. I first heard Dr. D’s show when I was in junior high, and the first time one of my songs was played on his show was one of my earliest—and still most cherished—career highlights. Which is why when I say I’m very flattered to be a guest of honor at a convention that brings together his fans and curates music in his spirit you know I mean it.

This year’s lineup of artists is extensive and there will be fun performances all weekend long, including the likes of:

If you’re a Sci Fi and/or comedy music fan and can get to the Twin Cities area the first weekend in March you should definitely come check out this very grass-roots, fan-run convention. They have a fundraiser over at their site, it’s a DIY fest without any corporate backing so if you’d like to help them out I know it would be greatly appreciated. And they have some great rewards for various levels of support.

I hope to see you in the Twin Cities!

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