Be honest: are you at that vendor’s booth because you’re interested in their new smart clipboards or because they’re giving out free bluetooth ear buds? I thought so. And I understand!

Conventions, whether they’re amazing or boring, are judged by the amount of free stuff you can grab. It’s like a cross between Supermarket Spree and trick-or-treating for adults. You gotta plan your strategy. You have to stretch. And most of all, you need to get the tote bags first so you can carry the rest of it home.

I’m really happy with the music for this one. It’s a fun, uptempo funk/R&B jam with some horn licks and a bass line that was fun to lay down. Oddly enough I originally wrote this song on another subject with a whole different set of lyrics. Subject-wise the original draft’s humor was pretty subtle so instead of diving in and recording it I mulled it over for a while to see if I could find another subject that would work with the same groove and melody.

Last week the idea hit me and I cranked out the lyrics—including a 16-bar rap I’m pretty proud of—in one long writing session (thank you to the first of 3 Nor’easters that hit NYC in the past 2 weeks, giving me uninterrupted time to work)!

I hope you like it, and if you do feel free to comment, pass it along to your friends, and say hi on the social thingies.

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