When people ask what studio I used to record my latest album I say “MY studio… apartment… studio.” In this video I’ll take you through the gear and software I use, as well as show the instruments I play on my latest album A/B.

I’ve been been recording at home in some shape or form since my high school days when I had a 4-track TASCAM cassette recorder, and I love the freedom and schedule flexibility that home recording allows.  With the right gear and technique you can get good results from a small space and modest budget.  Here’s how I do it:

I start off with a 27″ iMac running Pro Tools 10.3, I use an Apollo Twin Solo audio interface. My mic is a Røde NT-1A, which I use for vocals, acoustic guitar, and on the track Pesticida, a tenor sax played by Ben Pernick. I use an M-Audio Code 61 keyboard controller to play the virtual instruments and plugins in the computer (full list below).

For guitars I use a Seagull solid cedar top 6 string, a Fender Blacktop Jaguar HH, a Danelectro DC-3, and a Rogue Jersey Lightning lap steel. I play a 4-string Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray bass and there might be a few tracks on which I played my old Ibanez RG320 6-string electric guitar, most likely $9 Cupcake, which I recorded in the summer of 2014.

Hear how all of these instruments come together on my new album A/B!

Virtual Instruments and Plugins:

Mini Grand
AIR Music Technology
Virtual piano instrument

AIR Music Technology
Electric piano virtual instrument

virtual acoustic drum studio

AIR Music Technology
Virtual organ instrument

AIR Music Technology
Virtual Instrument Workstation

Session Horns
Native Instruments
R&B Horn Section sample library for Kontakt player

Session Strings
Native Instruments
Pop and Soul string section sample library for Kontakt Player

Line 6
Amp modeling and guitar effects processor

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