Make your words stand out with underlining! American Underlining will underline any word on any surface!

I was pressed for time again this week, and again I thought perhaps I’d take a week off because whatever I would post would be rushed. But sticking to the weekly deadlines was an important part of this experiment, so I stayed up late Tuesday night putting together whatever visuals I could for this very silly idea of a company that underlines things.

The choice of music was tricky because I had no idea what kind of music says “underlining!” I tried a few different riffs and pieces and nothing felt right. I finally just pulled up a standard rock drum beat from a groove library (I don’t usually use pre-packaged grooves) and put a Steppenwolf-esque guitar part to it to get something with some energy.

The tag line “Emphasize Everything!” is something I jokingly say when I freelance in the graphic design world and art directors try to get too many things to “pop” on the page. The joke being, of course, if you emphasize everything you’re really not emphasizing anything.  Thanks for reading and watching, I hope you’ve been enjoying my weekly project!

Sketches Video

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