A house on a truck, an upbeat 60s song, idiots about to die in a fiery crash, that’s what you get in Bacardi’s extremely overplayed Party House commercial! The 15-second version of this ad gets played so often I’ve actually seen it run twice during one commercial break, and 15 seconds of a song, however good, is annoying as all get out.

So for this week’s 52 Sellout I decided to slow things down, specifically, I slowed the 15-second version of the commercial down to 1/4 speed so it’s a full minute long. Then I wrote a new song, a bluesy dirge called “Roll On, Death House.” The interesting thing is I didn’t specifically time any of the lyrics to go with the video but there are some serendipitous correlations, like with the “booze in the tub” line and others.


Sketches Video

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