If Cup o’ Noodles advertised, and that advertising were honest, their commercial might look something like this.  Inspired by the salty, MSG-laden instant “food” that helped get us through college, this week’s 52 Sellout starts with boiling water and ends with a shame spiral.

This visuals this week are simple as I had to give the green screen a rest. Well, more accurately: I had to give myself a break from folding up my collapsible green screen because it takes every last ounce of patience and every curse word in my vocabulary to get that damn thing back in its case. In fact, if and when I upload a video of my trying to fold up the green screen it will be the funniest thing ever on YouTube.

I had a lot of fun with the music this week. It starts out with cheesy lounge jazz, which I love, and devolves into a trippy, Radiohead-meets-Pink-Floyd angsty nightmare in the second half. I played all of the guitars and bass live and used a few different MIDI instruments to round out the arrangement, including my BFD2 drum sample library that I just lurv. I hope you like it!

Sketches Video

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