How much would you pay to never buy ink cartridges again? Don’t answer, because there’s more! You get the satisfaction of making sure that printer can no longer hurt anyone else!

This week’s 52 Sellout was a fun one, not only because I got to take a hammer to an old printer that had caused me much frustration, but because to research it I watched a lot of those “As Seen on TV” ads, many of which I had forgotten about. Like Sham-Wow! And Billy Mays’ classic Oxi-Clean commercial.

One of the early suggestions for 52 Sellout was to do a commercial in the “As Seen on TV” genre and I knew I had to tackle it sooner or later. And although music ins’t prominently featured in these kinds of commercials I did find that a lot of them had simple, upbeat, generic rock sounding tracks accompanying them, so that’s what I wrote for this one. I hope you like it!

Sketches Video

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