Gentrification not only brings higher rents and pretentious yuppie crap to your neighborhood, it leads to lots of babies showing up in your favorite bars.  I wanted to write a song about how annoying I thought this was, but in a moment of compassion and insight I wondered “what’s the baby thinking?” After all, it’s not the baby’s fault he’s at the bar…

This is a personal favorite of my newer songs and I’ve been wanting to post a clip of it for a while, and though my performance in this particular clip isn’t perfect I think it’s the best quality video I’ll get for a while, thanks to Patrick Holbert’s videography and a great show Liam McEneaney put together for the recording of his 2nd comedy album. It was recorded in front of a full house at the Bell House in Brooklyn, a city that knows all about yuppie encroachment and babies in bars.

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