Here’s a demo of a song from the musical I’m writing. In this song the lead character is contemplating his fate on an involuntary bus trip relocating him to Tampa, FL. 

Wait, have I mentioned that I’m writing a musical? It’s coming along quite well actually, I have a good first draft of the book finished and I’ve got about 12 songs in the proverbial can. I’ve set up a page about it here at to keep track of the progress. I’ll post new and updated songs there in show order so you can see the musical take shape. At the moment I have the first four songs with scene synopses posted.

Hope you like the tune! Let me know what you think!

Here are the lyrics:

I can’t believe any of this is real
I don’t even know what I’m feeling right now
I can’t figure out
Why I’m on a bus not in front of a crowd

We worked hard to climb to the top of the world
We rehearsed and rehearsed in those earlier days
The shows that we played
How can one slimeball take it all away?

That was my life and I built it
To lose it now just isn’t fair
They’ve sent me off to the boondocks
And I don’t know what I’ll find there

What’s in Tampa?
It’s hot and it’s weird and it’s damp. Ugh!
And it’s probably full of guys that try to screw
Girls that go “woo!”
‘Cause nobody has anything else to do

What’s in Tampa?
I’ll prob’ly turn into my grandpa
I’ll just sit inside and watch TV all day
Wasting away
Wondering if I’ve anything left to say

There is no reason this came to an end
Performing with my friends is where I belong
What did I do wrong?
Have I been fooling myself all along?

I don’t have one thin dime to my name
My anonymous version of fame was a lie
I don’t know if I
were out on my own could even get by

I don’t have any control
They could have sent me anywhere
But Tampa? That’s mean, for what other reason
Would anyone ever move there?

Passenger 1: Divorce!
Passenger 2: A “Dance” Gig!
Passenger 3: I’m robbing a Bank!

What’s in Tampa?
Probably lots of tramp stamps. Ugh!
And most likely cars that still have neon lights
That race through the night
And dudes that are drunk and will fight you on sight

What’s in Tampa?
Stereos with giant amps, bra!
Endless strip malls and chain restaurants too
I’ll hate it through and through
And since I’ll be there I’ll prob’ly hate myself too
In Tampa.

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