I’m always excited—and a little nervous—when I get a new iTunes review, but lately things are getting just plain weird. People seem to be liking the album but they’re also reporting some side effects that are… unexpected.

The first reviewer seems to be having seizures whenever he hears the intro to “Tech Support for Mom and Dad” another person kept getting cuts on his/her hand from the packaging.

And another reviewer experienced something really disturbing:

I’ve been a fan of Rob’s since BEFORE the Pachelbel rant (he played my school. He is awesome Iive!) and this new album really delivers. So rare to have good  original music that actually rocks. The only bad thing I can say about it is that it kills birds.

I wish that last part wasn’t true but OMG birds die when they hear this album. There must be some sort of ultrasonic stuff happening in the mix? IDK but at first I thought it was a coincidence because I live it1 suburbia and hey ~ sometimes you find a dead bird. Maybe a cat brought it~ right?

But no. Once I started listening regularly it started happening more and more. A coupIe of times I hear like a THUD and it’s a sparrow actually hitting the window of the room I’m Iistening in. Also happened on my windshield. Mostly sparrows, but, Iike, songbirds too. It’s gotten to the point where if I want to listen to KYJHS I do it with headphones onIy  because otherwise I feel like a murderer.

Anyway, great stuff, “Applewood” and “I Poop Gold” are completely lol funny. But headphones are HIGHLY recommended.

I’m going to be looking into this some more, and hopefully I can find an entertainment lawyer who has some experience in product liability should the need arise.

If you’ve had any issues with the new album let me know, either here or on iTunes, and I’ll get my case workers on it.

On the upside, despite the problems I’m getting a fair amount of 5-star reviews so, a cautious “yeah!”?


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