50th State, that is. Thanks to the good people at BYU-Hawai’i bringing me to the North Shore for a show on their lovely campus, I have now been to all 50 U.S. states, doing shows coast to coast to coast!Not only was it a great trip because it was my first to Hawai’i, it was great because everyone at the school was so incredibly nice and welcoming. Special shout outs to Jack and Sanshiro for hosting the event and tipping me off to the best spots on the North Shore. The Kava Roots açai bowl will be long-remembered for it’s complete awesomeness.

The crowd for the show was great too. Being that it was a show for folks mostly of the LDS faith, I had to change my ‘hell’s to ‘heck’s, but they didn’t run from the room screaming nor did lightning strike when a ‘hell’ slipped from my heathen tongue, and I think everyone ended up having a great time. I know I did.

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