Songs From The Second Floor cover thumbnailLess From You
album: Songs From The Second Floor
(see below for chords)

words & music by Rob Paravonian
©2009 Paravonian; all rights reserved, administered by BMI

I don’t need to know everything you’re doing
Every second of the day
I don’t need to know that you just took a shower
Or that you just got paid

I don’t need to see the wacky gifts you’ve been given
Or hear about the quiz that says what city you should live in
All of your chatter has nearly driven
me insane

I want to hear less from you
‘Cause it’s no longer cute
You’re tweeting all the time
And I’m about to lose my mind
Just give it a rest
Don’t make me click that ‘X’ next to your name
Then you’d be through, ’cause I
Wanna hear less from you

When you friended me I didn’t know
You’d haunt me like a ghost
Now every time that I log on
You’ve got 10 new posts
What shape am I, a circle or a square?
I’m having lunch, what should I do with my hair
Did you ever have a thought you didn’t share online?

I wanna hear less from you
Too much is getting through
How do you have so much to say?
You don’t do a damn thing all day
Put your keyboard down
Get up and look around yourself
And find something to do
‘Cause I wanna hear less from you.

You know, we’re not really friends
So there’s no need to IM
I’ll play Scrabble now and then
But this other crap must end
You keep tagging me in pics
When you know I look like s#%&
And there’s a new invite everyday
Now I’ve gotta say…

I wanna hear less from you
‘Cause none of this is news
With you filling up my page
I missed that my cousin got engaged
Not everything you’ve done
Needs to be broadcast to everyone
Keep some stuff out of view
Or I’ll wanna hear less from you
I don’t want to offend you I just
Wanna hear less from you
Don’t make me defriend you,
I just wanna hear less from you
That’s the message I want to send you
I wanna hear less from you.

Verse: E/G#-/A/E/

Chrous: E/G#-/A/B/ 4x

Break: E/E B/A/F#-/ 2x



Break: E/E/

Bridge: C#-/C#-/A/A/
E/E/B/B/ 2x

Chorus 2x

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